I am beginning to wonder if I am turning into a gold digger



A lot of the gents that I date at Angel escorts really seem to enjoy giving me gifts. Of course, just like any other escort I don’t mind that at all. Most escorts like to receive presents and it is very much appreciated. Recently though, I have found that my attitude towards gift giving has changed. I look at the gifts that I have been given and started to add up the value. It may not be the right thing to do and I am afraid that I am turning into a gold digger.

Many of the gents that I date here at Angel escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/angel-escorts are very generous towards me, and they give me things like jewelry, nice perfume and handbags. At first, I just used to say thank you and not think any more about it. Now, I sort look at the gift and I sort of try to figure out the value. It does sound terrible and is the sign of the gold digger. But, I cannot help it. I am beginning to become more and more financially focused? Is that a good thing or not? I really don’t know.

I didn’t think that I solicited gifts but I am actually doing so. To be honest, I am not sure if this is a conscious decision or not, but it kind of just happens. A gent that I date at Angel escorts may ask me if I liked a necklace that he gave me. When he does so, I go on and on about it and tell him I much I love it. I often even wear jewelry when a particular gent is coming to see me. If I can remember what he gave me, I make sure that it is around somewhere in my boudoir. It is silly I know but it seems to work. I am receiving a lot more gifts this way.

Do I add up the value of the gifts? I never used to bother adding up the value of the gifts at all, but recently I have started to do so. Over the past two years, I think that I have been given almost £10,000 in gifts. It is amazing and I did not realize how much I had been given until a few months ago. Thinking about it, it is a great way of making some extra cash here at Angel escorts. I suppose if I don’t want any of it, I could sell some of my stuff.

Am I going to hang onto my gifts? For the time being I am planning to hang onto my gifts, I love it all. But once I start thinking of leaving Angel escorts, I think that I will sell a lot of it. There is no way that I am ever going to use five designer handbags or wear all of that jewelry. I know that there are specialist pawn brokers around the UK who takes in things and sell them for you. Just being able to sell my designer handbags would be a real result and I think that I would net at least £4,000. That is a lot of money. At the moment the bags are worth more to me in the flesh so to speak, but once I move on from Angel escorts, I think that I would rather have the money in the bank.

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